2014 All Hands Meeting
November 6th Special Subjects Session
Special Subjects Track Agenda

Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Substance Abuse/Mental issues/Physical Issues Impairing Professional Competence

Beth Roemer
Career GPS for Lawyers

EQ is a popular shorthand for a set of emotional and social skills, in contrast to the cognitive skillset measured by IQ tests. Research has shown that EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. Studies correlate high EQ in executives and managers with better teamwork, reduced employee turnover, higher sales, increased client satisfaction, customer retention and higher profits. High EQ also correlates strongly with success in many life outcomes, such as health, relationship quality, quality of life, and personal effectiveness. Working to develop one's EQ can remedy weaknesses and strengthen any of the following competencies:
  • Self-awareness (including pattern recognition, self-confidence, sense of purpose)
  • Self-management (including self-control, initiative and optimism)
  • Social awareness (reading others’ cues and picking up group dynamics)
  • Relationship management (influencing and collaborating with others, handling conflict and managing change)

Legal Ethics: Working With Witnesses - Ethical Rules of the Road

Sara Brody, Karen Cottle & Kimberly Dunne
Sidley Austin LLP

Lawyers routinely interact with witnesses but the ethical issues that can arise in those interactions are anything but routine. Lawyers often need to interact with former employee witnesses or other fact witnesses who want to be compensated in litigation, with witnesses who may be subject to confidentiality obligations with their former employers, and with others involved in negotiations or litigation where being truthful may be viewed detrimental to the client. This panel will address the ethical rules governing witness interactions as well as the attorney-client privilege considerations that come into play.

Legal Ethics: Let's Go To The Movies  

John Koski

Lights, Camera, Ethics! Thorny questions of legal ethics, illustrated by clips from some of Hollywood's best work.

Legal Ethics: Patent Practice - Staying Cool When Ethics Issues Heat Up

Michelle Galloway
Cooley LLP

Are you "that lawyer" - the one who enjoys patent matters because of their complexity? Ethics issues can heat up given the complex relationships between the players (inventors, assignees, licensees and others), technologies at issue, and the different legal doctrines and standards applied in the PTO and the courts. This seminar focuses on recent cases in District Courts and the PTO regarding ethics and professional responsibility including: duty of loyalty (conflicts and disqualification); duty of candor; confidential information in IP cases; duty to supervise; 2013 revisions to the USPTO Code of Professional Conduct and recent USPTO enforcement.

Ethics Jeopardy

Kelly Woodruff
Farella Braun + Martel LLP

How well do you know your Legal Ethics? Press your luck and join us for an interactive game of Ethics Jeopardy. We’ll provide the scenarios with multiple choice questions, a special device for you to ring-in your answer and most importantly offer you Ethics MCLE credit. All you need to bring is yourself. You don’t want to miss this fun interactive event.

Elimination of Bias: Becoming a More Effective Lawyer in Multigenerational Environments

Michelle Galloway
Cooley LLP

This presentation explores differences in communication styles, attitudes toward conflict, and attitudes towards legal compliance in multigenerational environments. How can attorneys recognize these differences to create better-performing teams and improve compliance? This seminar will offer practical approaches to identifying implicit, framing and confirmation bias and will address how to avoid missteps when working with clients, lawyers, and the Courts.

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