MCLE Information
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How can I calculate the hours of general California MCLE credit I will receive if I attended the November 6-7, 2014 All Hands Meeting?
One column on the summary agenda page is labeled "Live MCLE."  This lists general MCLE credit in hours for each of the live presentations at the All Hands Meeting.  Each box in a column labelled "Videos" lists general MCLE credit for that video presentation.
What about special subject MCLE credit?
At the November 7 Main Session, attending video presentations (and in some years certain live presentations) provides credit in one of the special subject areas (Legal Ethics, Elimination of Bias or Substance Abuse/Mental Illness).  The amount and type of special subject credit are indicated in red on that day's program.

Attending all or part of the November 6 Special Subjects Session will also provide credit for special subject areas, as indicated on the agenda for that day's program.

Remember that in each 3-year compliance period you need only 1 hour of elimination of bias credit, 1 hour of substance abuse/mental illness credit, and 4 hours of legal ethics credit.  If last year or the year before you attended the bias or substance abuse/mental illness segments, you will not need to accrue additional credits this year in those subject areas. However, "extra" special subject presentations (assuming they are different) still count for general credit.
Are there any special sign-in requirements?
For video showings of special subjects (Legal Ethics, Elimination of Bias and Substance Abuse/Mental Illness), there were special sign-up sheets outside each room with these presentations.
Where are my MCLE certificates for attending?
The MCLE certificate for the November 7 Main Session was provided in the packet given to attendees at registration.  Attendees of the November 6 Special Subjects Session received a separate certificate with their materials for that day's program.  In each case the top portion of the certificate indicates the maximum MCLE offered; you should fill out the lower portion at the end of the day, indicating how many hours of credit you actually acquired, and retain the certificate for four years.
I'm a bar member in another state and wish to receive out-of-state MCLE credit.  How do I do this?
We only provide California MCLE credit for our event but out-of-state bar members can usually download the paperwork from their local bar web site to apply for credit.  Some jurisdictions require that you do this within 30 days of the event and some of them charge a nominal fee for the submission.  If you need assistance in providing information to your state bar, please let us know.
I did not have my bar number for the sign in sheet. How do I make sure to receive credit?
Send an email to with your name and bar number and it will be entered on the sign-in sheet.
I can't locate my MCLE Certificate; how can I obtain another copy?
Send an email to for a replacement.

Other Questions

Why aren't slides for all of the speakers in my binder and why are some of the slides different from the ones being shown on the screen? How do I get copies of revised slides or missing slides?
A few speakers did not provide slides prior to the printing deadline and may bring handouts to their presentations. Some speakers revise their slides after the printing deadline; their revised slides will be available to attendees approximately one week after the All Hands Meeting.
How should I communicate ideas for future program topics or suggestions for ways to improve the All Hands Meeting?
Your feedback is very welcome. You can mail (if you wish to remain anonymous) or email comments and suggestions to addresses listed on the Contact Page.
How do I make sure that I receive an invitation to next year's All Hands Meeting?
You'll automatically receive an emailed invitation if you attended or registered for this year's conference. If you change your work email during the year, just send an email with your new contact information to so that an invitation can be emailed to your new address.
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