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Monday, Nov 18
Global Perspectives on Commercial Data Rights

Roger Bickerstaff, Christine Yiu & Benoit van Asbroeck/Michael Green
Bird & Bird LLP/Arm Limited

Staking a Claim to Data? Data is the oil of the data-driven world economy but countries around the world are introducing legislative "land grabs" to stake national claims over data assets.

International presenters from the US, China, Europe and the UK will provide an world overview of the emerging national rules on data localization with a particular focus on:
  • the developing data localization rules in China, the EU and Russia;
  • the developing attitude of the US authorities to data localization;
  • the practical legal and contract implications for US companies doing business overseas that lawyers need to be aware of; and
  • a case study on dealing with the Chinese data localization rules in the life sciences context.

Monday, Nov 18
Inventive Tools and Strategies to Protect and Commercialize Intellectual Property Assets in a Globally Connected Market

Lisa Peets, Clara Shin & Stanley Young /Renee DuBord Brown/David Green/Melissa Souza
Covington & Burling LLP/LinkedIn/Microsoft Corporation/Poly

In a world made ever smaller by technology, where intellectual property often represents a company's single most valuable asset, there has never been a greater need for innovative tools and strategies to protect these important assets around the world. At the same time, the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning create opportunities to use these assets to fuel innovation, without necessarily undermining the commercial value of creative works or inventions. This panel pulls together in-house attorneys who deal with these issues on a daily basis with some of Covington's leading experts, who will candidly explore recent developments in these areas. The highly interactive panel discussion will explore:
  • Patent and trade secret protection at the intersection between the Chinese and U.S. legal system
  • How companies can protect their trademarks and other intellectual property across international borders and defend their reputations and brand value
  • The latest EU copyright law developments and the EU's attempt to bring copyright into the digital age
Panel Members:
  • Renee Brown, Director, Intellectual Property, for LinkedIn
  • Dave Green, Assistant General Counsel, IP Law & Policy for Microsoft
  • Melissa Souza, Associate General Counsel & Head of IP, for Poly
  • Lisa Peets, from Covington's EMEA practice
  • Stan Young, from Covington's Patent Litigation practice
  • The panel will be moderated by Clara Shin, from Covington's Commercial Litigation and Technology Industry practice

Monday, Nov 18
Global Trademark Management

Jennifer Lantz/Lindsey Furtado/Diane Gabl Kratz
Haynes and Boone, LLP/Square, Inc./Seagate Technology

Protecting and growing your brand is complex, multi-jurisdictional and requires changing tactics in changing times. Experienced practitioners will discuss recent trends in brand protection and provide practical advice and strategies, as well as addressing the effect of recent decisions. Topics will include:
  • The unexpected effects of third-party brand protection programs
  • The power of social media to bolster your brand in court
  • Brexit
  • GDPR -- will it become a challenge to brand enforcement?
  • Follow-on effects of the EU Copyright Directive

Monday, Nov 18
Patent vs. Trade Secret: The Pros and Cons of Protection/Enforcement in the U.S. and Europe

Robert McCauley/Anthony Tridico

Intellectual property assets come in all shapes and sizes, and the best protection strategy (patent or trade secret) depends on the nature of the IP at issue. There are pros and cons to each, in both the protection and enforcement contexts, in the United States and in Europe. Please join our speakers, the managing partners of Finnegans offices in London and Palo Alto, for an in-depth discussion on these topics.

Monday, Nov 18
Global Antitrust: Areas of Growing Concern for Technology Companies

Jeffrey Kessler, Eric Meiring, Ian Papendick & Susannah Torpey
Winston & Strawn LLP

This presentation will discuss recently announced investigations into the tech industry by the FTC, DOJ, Congress, state attorneys general, and competition regulators around the world, with a specific focus on three trending areas of antitrust concern for technology companies:
  • Antitrust risks associated with big data and platforms
  • No poach 2.0 - risks for international and affiliated companies
  • Is cryptocurrency headed for antitrust manipulation claims?

Please Note: Program details are subject to change without notice

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