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Tuesday, Nov 19
Patent Update: Managing Program Costs and Parallel Proceedings

Harper Batts & James Soong
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Management of costs for a patent program can be a challenge. Costs regularly arise in the execution of the patent program. So do opportunities to economize. This presentation addresses practical considerations to optimize expenditures for a patent program aligned with strategic business goals. It will then discuss recent developments at the PTAB, including the use of the Philips claim construction standard, which have heightened the need to consider strategic considerations across parallel proceedings. The focus will include key tension points between the parallel proceedings, and suggestions for how to best handle these tricky issues.

Tuesday, Nov 19
Patent Law 2020

Douglas Lumish & Jeffrey Homrig/Sean Christofferson/Jill Schmidt
Latham & Watkins LLP/Arista Networks, Inc./Genentech, Inc.

An esteemed panel of senior in-house IP counsel and IP trial lawyers will look ahead to 2020 and the key patent law developments Silicon Valley businesses should be on the watch for in the coming year. Among the topics that will be discussed include:
  • The ongoing search for clarity in patent eligibility
  • How the many changes in the PTAB impact the use and effectiveness of IPRs and other post grant proceedings
  • Developments in the ITC
  • What's new down in Texas?

Tuesday, Nov 19
Beyond AI, Blockchain, and 5G: New Areas of IP Growth

Francisco Castro & Richard LaCava
Arent Fox LLP

While technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), blockchain, and fifth generation (5G) wireless get most of the attention these days, there are other areas of technology that are changing rapidly and producing new and exciting technical solutions and products. Advances in memory technology, including fundamental memory elements as well as new architectures, are being driven by the need to process and handle vast amounts of data. Similarly, new computer architectures that enable the types of data processing needed for AI and ML and the low power requirements of 5G are being funded across the world. In addition, quantum computing is quickly maturing to a level that may soon offer access to computational capabilities that cannot be achieved with classical systems.

Tuesday, Nov 19
Transatlantic Troubles - Unexpected IP Challenges on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Brian Schar & Sandeep Birdi
CrossPond Law

From Brexit to 101, IP developments haven't gone quite as planned on both sides of the Atlantic. This affects patents and trademarks in many tech industry subsectors. Join us for a lively discussion about how to address these challenges - a discussion that hopefully includes you!

Tuesday, Nov 19
The Legal Department's Role in the Digital Revolution

John Gibson & Jennifer Prioleau
Crowell & Moring LLP/HP Inc.

The digital revolution is disrupting daily business and life in virtually every industry. The move from analog to digital is vast and rapid, featuring the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, and 3D printing. Amid this digital transformation, new products and services are moving to market far before the regulatory landscape has taken form or courts have weighed in. To keep pace, law departments must build legal, regulatory, policy, and business strategies that plan for the velocity of innovation and disruption and anticipate a world of unknowns and uncertainties. Using the example of 3D printing to illustrate the issues that confront business engaged in the digital revolution, this presentation will focus on the leading-edge law functions, including conventional risk, liability and mitigation, that allow businesses to take smart risks and bring breakthrough products and services to market with speed, agility and safety.

Please Note: Program details are subject to change without notice

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