2017 All Hands Meeting
October 17 Session
Breakfast Track - Day 1 Track Agenda

7:45AM-8:45AM   Theater
Navigating Legal Ethics from the Inside: Complexities of Ethics Rules for In House Counsel

Cynthia Cole & Kevin Sadler
Baker Botts LLP

There is no shortage of recent press articles which tout the business prowess of general counsels and in-house legal teams -- "The in-house lawyer as business partner"; "The general counsel as ultimate business leader"; "A business leader with a legal background." In recent years, corporations have delegated to in-house legal teams more and more authority over areas of business that are not traditionally "legal." General counsels frequently have multiple titles and responsibilities over non-legal areas such as human resources and business development. Irrespective of title, however, lawyers remain bound by ethical obligations regardless of whether they practice in a law firm or a corporation.

In many respects, ethical obligations, duties and constraints can be more difficult for the in-house lawyer to navigate given the mix of business and law. In-house counsel are frequently on the front-lines of defense when companies are faced with crisis events that have both business and legal consequences; events such as major data breaches, exposure of fraudulent or questionable business practices, and less-than-competent actions by management or the board. General counsels and other in-house lawyers have taken the fall for compliance and other failures not related to the practice of law.

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