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What is the All Hands Meeting Hub?
The AHM Hub provides summary information and links to upcoming live webinars and recorded presentations (plus soon-to-be-added publications) for in-house counsel, made available to the All Hands Meeting audience by top global law firms and other participating organizations. The AHM Hub also includes a number of recorded presentations from previous All Hands Meetings in California State Bar required subject areas.

What is the purpose of the All Hands Meeting Hub?
Like the annual All Hands Meeting, the AHM Hub is a tool to obtain the most informative, efficient and affordable continuing legal education, tailored to the needs of in-house professionals at technology and life science companies.

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What information about live webinars does the AHM Hub provide?
For upcoming webinars, listings include date and time, speakers, topic summary, California MCLE credit information, and a link to register for the webinar with the presenting law firm.

What kinds of recorded presentations are listed?
The listing for a webinar will indicate if it will be recorded. If so, the listing will include when the recording will likely become available, at which time the listing will change from "Upcoming Webinar" to "Recorded Presentation" with a link to view the recording on the law firm web site. Listings also include recordings that law firms have available now on their web sites, for webinars that took place earlier this year and for podcasts and other recorded-only presentations. Lastly, recordings of prior-year AHM presentations for Legal Ethics, Competence and Elimination of Bias are listed, with links for viewing on the AHM video server.

How is the AHM Hub organized?
Presentations are assigned to one or more of the practice area tracks used in the annual All Hands Meeting conference: Privacy & Product; Workforce Issues; Advanced IP; U.S. Corporate & Regulatory; Global Corporate & Regulatory; Global IP & Tech Commerce; Tech Agreements & E-Commerce; Litigation Strategy/Technique; California Required Subjects (Legal Ethics, Competence and Elimination of Bias); Legal Department Operations. Listings can be filtered by track, and are sorted in order of presentation date.

Access & Registration

Why is registration required?
Registration numbers provide access to the AHM Hub. Registration information is also used when recorded presentations from previous All Hands Meetings or law-firm supplied recordings are viewed for MCLE credit on the AHM video server.

How can I request a registration number?
Submit the form on the Registration Page of this web site.

MCLE Credit

How much MCLE credit is available for presentations listed on the AHM Hub?
Each listing shows the potential number of general and required subject credit hours available for the presentation, calculated according to MCLE Rules of the California State Bar. Law firms provide this information for presentations on their web sites. Ivy Associates provides this information for presentations on the AHM video server. Typically, credit is "participatory" credit, versus "self-study" credit, because an MCLE provider (the presenting law firm or Ivy Associates) requires the viewer to sign in and maintains the required MCLE records.

How is the MCLE credit approved?
Each link to a webinar/recording will indicate whether the presentation is already approved for California MCLE credit or if activity approval is pending. Some law firms apply for approval on an "activity" basis, and approval for presentations on their web sites may still be pending. All links to recorded presentations on the AHM video server are already "Approved" for California MCLE credit.

Who will certify the MCLE credit?
Each participating organization is responsible for tracking, documenting and reporting all MCLE compliance connected with presentations through its web site. Where a link for a presentation goes directly to a law firm web site, that firm will be responsible for MCLE certification and record-keeping, and for providing a certificate and supplementary written materials directly to the individual. For any recorded presentation viewed on the AHM server, Ivy Associates will take care of certificates, etc.

Is CLE credit available for states other than California?
Many but not all states recognize credit that qualifies under California MCLE Rules. However, their requirements - especially for recorded presentations - may differ, and other states may have different requirements for how and when credit requests must be submitted, who must submit the credit, and processing fees may apply. Be sure to check the web site for the CLE authority of the state in question.


The All Hands Meeting live event has always followed a famously restrictive privacy policy, and unlike other conferences has never provided audience contact information to participating law firms or exhibiting companies.

Similarly, the All Hands Meeting will not (unless compelled by legal process, etc.) identify users to participating organizations through user clicks on listings within the AHM Hub. However, this kind of privacy cannot be assured as users continue onto presenter web sites and/or register for live webinars and recorded presentations on those web sites.

Also, where presenting firms provide a copy of recorded presentations for additional access on the AHM web server, names and email addresses for individuals who watch the video for MCLE credit will be provided so that firms can contact viewers with any necessary corrections and updates.

Filters & Example Listings

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