Registration Eligibility

How can I find out if my company is an SVAGC member?
Click this list of SVAGC Member Companies to see if your company is listed. If your company is a member, you are eligible for the SVAGC discount.
I'm a general counsel; I'd like to apply for SVAGC membership and receive admission and registration discounts for my department.  How can I do this?
Go to the SVAGC Join Page for information about membership criteria and dues (annual dues are modest and reduced for new members who join mid-year). To join, fill out the brief form and an SVAGC officer will contact you to discuss membership.
My company is not listed on the drop-down menu.  How can I register?
If you are an in-house legal professional, we can easily add your company to our registration list.  Just email your information to and we will let you know by return email as soon as it has been added.  This should not take more than a day.
I'm a non-attorney contracts professional (manager, negotiator, administrator) working at a company.  Am I eligible to attend?
Yes, we have a growing number of contracts professionals who attend the All Hands Meeting each year, generally in the Technology Agreements track.
I'm a non-attorney HR professional working at a company.  Am I eligible to attend?
Yes, the All Hands Meeting includes a full HR/Employment Law track, which is appropriate for non-attorney HR professionals as well as in-house employment lawyers.
I'm an attorney in private practice and I'd like to attend the All Hands Meeting. Is this possible?
The All Hands Meeting is not open to attorneys in private practice.  It is designed for, and open only to, in-house professionals.

Registration Payment/Confirmation/Cancellation/Substitution

Will I receive a credit card receipt for my registration?
Yes, as soon as we process your registration, you should automatically receive an emailed receipt.
What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your registration at any time before November 11, 2019 for a full refund (less a $30 processing fee).  You may also substitute someone else from your company at any time up to the day of the event without any additional charge.  There are cancellation and substitution links on the registration page which allow you to do this online.
How do I make sure my registration was processed?
Each registrant receives a confirmation email within three business days of registration.  If you have not received a confirmation email within this time frame, please email your information to

Transportation and Lodging

I'm coming from out of the area.  What's the best way to reach the Convention Center?
The Santa Clara Convention Center is only 15-20 minutes by car from the San Jose Mineta International Airport and about 45 minutes by car from the San Francisco International Airport.  If you're driving from the airport, use this map and directions link.  You may also want to consider using ride-share services, light rail and other public transportation options (links to Santa Clara Convention Center web site).
Where is the closest hotel?
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara is connected to the Convention Center; it tends to fill up quickly, so reservations should be made as early as possible.  For information about other lodging in and around Santa Clara, please visit the Santa Clara Convention Center web site.

Special Needs

I'm a nursing mom; is there access to a private room during the day?
Stop by the registration table and let them know that you would like to use the nurse's room.  A security guard will unlock the room for you.
Is the Convention Center handicap accessible?
Yes.  There is full handicap access at the Convention Center.  If you are arriving on the first floor, there is an elevator to the 2nd level; if you are arriving via the parking lot second level, there are no steps from the garage to the registration and program areas.  If you have specific questions about the Convention Center layout and accessibility, please contact us at (650) 854-2919.

Internet Access and Mobile Devices

How can I obtain Internet access during the day?
Mobile device wireless access will be available, courtesy of Bliss Law.  The Weintraub Tobin Internet Cafe and Workroom will be equipped with free computer terminals for Internet access.
How can I charge mobile devices during the day?
Presentation rooms, break rooms and lobby areas at the Convention Center have wall outlets that can be used for recharging laptops, smartphones, etc.  Please remember to bring the appropriate charger/adapter for your device; should you forget, however, a few USB (5-volt) charging stations will be available in the Weintraub Tobin Internet Cafe and Workroom.

Designing Your All Hands Meeting Program

Can I attend presentations in more than one track?
Yes!  The All Hands Meeting agenda is designed to provide a very wide variety of topics tailored to legal issues at technology companies, so that both generalists and specialists can assemble programs that fit their unique needs.  Some attendees spend the day in a single track, and others move between tracks (in consideration of other attendees, we ask that you avoid entering and leaving sessions other than during the breaks).
Where are the descriptions of presentations?
For each segment on the Agenda Overview a pop-up box with details about the presentation will appear as your mouse hovers over the topic.  Details also appear on the individual track agendas (reach these via the submenu to the left of the Agenda Overview).
Will I be asked to pre-select a personal agenda?
Before the All Hands Meeting, registrants will be emailed a link that will enable them to indicate which presentations they think they will be attending.  This is non-binding, and is used merely to assist with space planning, for eveyone's comfort.

Raffles and Giveaways

Are there any raffles at the All Hands Meeting? Giveaways?
Quite a few!   Early registrants who help with space planning by indicating the presentations they are likely to attend are entered in a raffle for $100 gift cards.  A similar gift card raffle is entered by providing an MCLE evaluation after the All Hands Meeting.  There are many useful giveaway items at the exhibitor display tables and, in the adjoining lobby area, a long table of materials and giveaways provided by participating law firms.   Finally, each day of the All Hands Meeting will feature a Luxury Weekend Getaway Raffle that attendees can enter by visiting a number of exhibitor tables.
How do the Luxury Getaway Raffles work?
When you pick up your badge and sign in each day, you will be given a registration packet that contains a "bingo" card for that day's raffle.  First, fill in your contact information on the card.  Then visit the exhibitor tables in the upper lobby, and have your card punched (each exhibitor has a different punch shape).  Drop your completed card in the raffle drum located in the exhibition area.  The winner's name will be announced during the cocktail reception on each day, but you need not be present to win.

Between Sessions: Breaks, Luncheon, Reception and Meeting Up With Friends

What can I do at the All Hands Meeting outside of the regular sessions?

- Enjoy breakfast, snacks and coffee in the Upper Lobby
- Visit exhibit tables (and enter the Luxury Getaway Raffles)
- Check your email, do some work, chat with a speaker or just relax in the Weintraub Tobin Internet Cafe and Workroom
- Visit the Law Firm Materials Tables in the Upper Lobby for info and giveaways
- Complete the MCLE Evaluation/MCLE Raffle Entry in the front pocket of your binder
- Don't forget the afternoon hosted cocktail receptions

How can I meet up with a friend at the luncheon?
The banquet luncheon has open seating, and all tables are numbered, so the best way is to find a table with empty chairs, and then call or text your friend with the table number.

MCLE Credit Information

How can I calculate the hours of California general MCLE credit I will receive if I attend the All Hands Meeting?
One column on each session's summary agenda is labeled "Live MCLE."  This lists participatory MCLE credit in hours for each of the live presentations at the All Hands Meeting. In most cases, this is general credit; in the case of elimination of bias, legal ethics, and competence issues, this is special credit for required subjects.
How will I receive my MCLE certificate for attending?
The MCLE certificate for each day of the All Hands Meeting will be in the packet handed out at registration for that day.  The top portion indicates the maximum MCLE offered; you should fill out the lower portion at the end of the day, indicating how many hours of credit you actually acquired, and retain the certificate for four years.
How do I receive credit for viewing online videos?
In addition to the live presentations offered each day, after the conference All Hands Meeting registrants will be emailed instructions on how to get additional credit online for California required subjects (legal ethics, elimination of bias and competence issues), at no additional cost.  These online videos may be watched at the convenience of attendees, for participatory credit.  After signing in, certificates and materials for the presentation can be downloaded.
I'm a bar member in another state and wish to receive out-of-state MCLE credit.  How do I do this?
Only California MCLE credit is automatically certified for the All Hands Meeting, but out-of-state bar members can usually download forms from their state bar web sites to submit for similar credit.  Some jurisdictions require that you do this within 30 days of the event and may charge a nominal fee for the submission.

CPE Credit Information

I am an IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional; how do I report CPE credits?
Once 2019 IAPP credit has been approved, a link will be provided for downloading the IAPP Credit Summary, which contains a table of available CPE credits and instructions for preparing your CPE Submission Form.
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