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The Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel is a nonprofit "business league" for chief in-house counsel of San Francisco Bay Area companies in the technology and life science sectors. The SVAGC provides a congenial setting for general counsel to meet professionally and socially.  Its primary activity is a series of monthly luncheons, each including an and MCLE-accredited presentation and discussion about a topic of common interest to the membership.

The SVAGC also assists members in connecting with their peers about the questions and challenges they face, and cooperates in special projects such as the All Hands Meeting events, annual CLE conferences designed for general counsel, staff counsel, IP and other professionals from companies in the technology and life science sectors.

The SVAGC is rooted in a program that began 30 years ago, when a handful of Silicon Valley general counsel arranged to lunch together each month to discuss the issues they faced. Over the years, the group has grown to include over 100 chief legal counsel from scores of publicly traded companies, private ventures and multinational subsidiaries located throughout the Bay Area, spanning the technology and life science sectors: software, analytics, electronics, aviation, cleantech, biotechnology, medical devices, materials science, telecommunications, networking, e-commerce, data services, robotics and machine learning.

In 2003, the SVAGC was formally organized as a California mutual benefit nonprofit corporation;  "membership" (Directors are the organization's statutory members) involves participation in SVAGC activities.  The SVAGC is a dues-supported group and does not depend on sponsorships by invited speakers or other organizations. Only members, speakers and invited guests may attend meetings.

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