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To begin participating in SVAGC activities, individuals should have at least 8 years of legal practice experience, and current employment as chief in-house attorney for at least the Northern California operations of a company that is one or more of the following:

  • an exchange-traded corporation (or a wholly owned subsidiary of same)
  • a privately held company with more than $100 Million in annual revenue (or a wholly owned subsidiary of same)
  • a late stage venture with 100+ employees and $100+ Million funding over 3+ rounds

(Note: the primary business of the company must be other than providing legal-related services.  Also, waivers of membership criteria will be considered in special circumstances, such as general counsel for universities, etc.)

In 2012, annual dues were set at $480, primarily to cover the costs of restaurant meetings; in 2020, dues were suspended during covid restrictions until in-person meetings could resume. A new restaurant luncheon has been scheduled for May 2022 and, in light of activities restarting midyear and some unavoidable uncertainties about how the rest of this year will play out, dues for the remainder of 2022 have been set at $300.

Dues enable the member (and, for certain meetings, a guest from the member's company) to attend any or all SVAGC luncheons at no additional cost. They entitle the member's entire department and other in-house professionals at the member's company to discounted and preferential admission/access for any All Hands Meeting activities (MCLE conferences and/or online content hubs produced by Ivy Associates in cooperation with the SVAGC). Dues also provide access to any SVAGC special projects, member discounts and events.

If you are interested in joining the SVAGC and meet criteria for membership, please fill out the form below, so that one of the current SVAGC officers can contact you.

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